You have worked your tail off to build your business. You aren’t some online marketing genius nor are you a writer. You’re good at what you do and pound the pavement to get and keep your customers happy.

But there is only so much pavement pounding any person can do. This is where your blog comes in.

Not the Teenager’s Blog

Okay, that probably isn’t a fair heading since many teenagers are bypassing college to start online ventures and see the world while doing it. Jealous yet? The laptop lifestyle is real. And here’s the thing, those teenagers who aren’t gossiping and complaining about prom are the ones who are revolutionizing how the Internet is changing the entire economic landscape.

“What? Not those stinking kids,” you say.

Yes, those whippersnappers are finding ways to be more efficient and make more money than you and I ever thought was possible by age 20. So let’s learn from those kiddos!

Develop Your Brand

Your brand is the core of your business. Think about the chiropractor who runs radio ads all day long. He runs those ads as part of a two-fold marketing strategy. The first is to find people who might be experiencing back pain right now. They need the chiropractor’s services immediately. The second is for the person who has no idea they need him now (or for the family member who will refer him the business).

You see, Aunt Jenny who sits and listens to the radio all day long may never need a chiropractor. But when you come for dinner and sit there complaining about your stiff neck, she’ll say that you should give that chiropractor with the funny skeleton jingle a call.

Sometimes the shotgun approach in marketing has its rewards. The reward is called developing your brand. When you start writing a consistent blog, your existing clients see you as more professional. You build loyalty with them.

They begin to share with family and friends your tips and tricks that help them. For example, that chiropractor might write a blog about 10 ways to get a better night’s sleep. He isn’t pitching his services. Instead, he is helping people have a better life.

In doing so consistently, not only do his clients love him more, the Internet search engines do as well.

Adding VALUE to Everyday Living

When people write blogs about their children having a tantrum just so they can vent, there isn’t a lot of value in that. There can be if the blog is funny enough the value is humor. Everyone can use a good poop or puke joke on most days, right?

But when it comes to your¬†business, your blog is there to add value to your existing customers’ lives and let prospects know that you are more than just a salesman of one product or services. A well-crafted blog helps your consumers see things in your industry or related to your industry in a way that helps them.

This is the realtor who sends out home improvement tips. It is the veterinarian who writes a weekly dog training blog. The plumber who adds a plumber’s joke to his weekly plumbing health blog or the insurance agent who is sending out disaster planning tips are all examples of blogs that add value and don’t focus on selling a service.

After all, isn’t that what the actual website is designed for? Okay, it’s designed to sell, but it should have a focus on value added benefits. That builds authority.

Using the BLOG to Get New Business

A smart blog will have a call to action. Depending on the audience, the call to action might be subtle or very direct. The best way to do this is by example.

Subtle: If you want to know if your blog is working, we’re happy to give you a free blog review. Contact us here.

Very Direct: Don’t feel like writing. We do! Hire us today.