Anyone serious about growing their blog and building a business that makes money with an online property needs to take analytics seriously. Google Analytics is a free, easy way to track where visitors are coming from, how long they stay and whether or not they are buying.

Installing Google Analytics requires:

  1. Gmail Account (free)
  2. Registering the Website
  3. Connecting the Website

Please note that this is for WordPress users. If you have other platforms hosting your website, check back for updates.

Step 1: Log Into Gmail Account

If you don’t have a gmail account, simply Google “open a new gmail account.” Any of the Google accounts will work.

Step 2: Google “Google Analytics”

Ironically, Google doesn’t appear first. Scroll down to this result in the SERPs.

Step 3: Click It!

Okay, so we probably didn’t need to tell you that. But we’re doing a step-by-step. Cut us some slack.

Step 4: Sign-Up for Google Analytics

Follow the button and don’t forget to note your username and password.

Step 5: Enter Website Details

Put your website information in. Select whether it is an http:// or https:// domain. We highly recommend getting that “s” in there. Google his hating non-secure sites more and more. Ask us how to get a free one.

Enter the website without the https:// portion – just the Complete the remaining details.

Step 6: Click “Get Tracking ID” Blue Button

You would probably see this if you were looking for the next step. But we wanted to show it to you so we made it a step. Once you hit that blue button, you will be taken to a Google Analytics (GA) page that has the Tracking ID.

You will see all sorts of information on this page for different analytic reporting. Don’t worry about that right now. We just want to get your website connected to GA.

Note the Tracking ID just to make sure you have it.

Step 7: Log Into WordPress

Go to your WordPress website and click on “Add New Plugin.” It’s in the left navigation bar probably halfway down. Search for Google Analytics. The top two choices are these. We use MonsterInsights.

Install the Plugin and Activate it.


Once activated. It will ask you to connect the website to the GA account. Follow the prompts and you will have connected them.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to drop a note or email us.