Our very own mascot Al Gore-Rhythm is representative of what every blogger and content creator needs to be aware of: how Google’s algorithms affect your ability to rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Higher ranks drive more traffic, but while Google is always tweaking its algorithms, there are times when it makes a Core Update that is a blanket sweep of many parameter adjustments.


Here’s what you need to know about the Google Update June 2019.

Google Updates

Google makes approximately 500 updates every year. That’s right, the Google algorithm is tweaked to what accounts for (potentially) multiple daily updates. Most of these are small and highly targeted for specific things. Most people aren’t talking about or worried about the daily adjustments Google is making to how its spiders go through the internet to map data.

What people do get concerned about are Core Updates that are global changes to how the entire algorithm maps websites and ranks them.

Core Updates

Core updates are designed to make the user journey better. Remember that the user is the reader or person searching for something online. The webmaster has to adjust and adapt to ensure his content is not hit extremely hard by a core update. Previous core updates have targeted things like spam inquiries, improving local search results, better long-tail keyword searches, and reducing the number of results to ad-driven results to more content driven results.

Google Update June 2019

By most initial report, the most recent Google core update most directly affected websites that provide information that could potentially harm a person’s life or livelihood if the wrong information was presented as a top search result. It’s roughly being called Your Money / Your Life niches.

The most affected content niches:

  • Health and wellness
  • Legal
  • News
  • Finance

Google wants to make sure the top searches are from high-value sources that get the information correct. Think about it – a charlatan health practitioner with some new but unknown method to heal cancer telling people to not see their doctor could result in harm to concerned readers looking for answers for themselves or a loved one. The stakes are high in these areas, therefore, the update is focused on bringing reputable sources to the top.

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Making Yourself Reputable

While these particular niche websites were most greatly affected, every industry is affected. Making yourself reputable is more than making yourself relevant. Relevant content meant people are reading it and engaged because they are interested in your content that has an answer to a question.

Reputable takes all that one step further to make your relevant content the best potential answer someone can find online. The adjustments to good content creation will be minimal in the long run.

Make yourself reputable by:

  • Writing content that answers readers’ questions
  • Making sure what you say is backed up by science or data
  • Linking out to that science or data to .edu or .gov sources
  • Getting more websites to view you as credible by citing your content (backlinks)

Moving Forward from Google Updates

Google is going to continue to tweak, adjust, and change the algorithm. While we knew the trends in SEO were all about Domain Authority (DA) which is best achieved with backlinks, there is no way to predict every little change that will be made.

There will be some updates that help your website and some that hurt it – at least temporarily. But if you are doing all the right things and not using black hat technique, continuing to create sound content while developing a solid link building strategy is your best bet for long-term success. Think about readers and what they want and you’ll naturally adjust to what the algorithms are looking for.

Just ask Al.

algorithm mascot Al Gore-Rhythm