That’s right! I want to talk to you about what to do before you hire us, another writing service or a freelance writer.

I learned a long time ago in sales that asking for the business is always a top priority. So, I’ll start with, yes I’d like to write the content for you or your company and develop a long-term relationship that makes you money and makes me money as well. There! You know I want your business.

Here’s the other part, I’m willing to earn it. Part of earning it means helping you be prepared so you can get the most out of writing services (ahem, ideally mine). Regardless of who you choose, preparing yourself for the process will make things move smoother, keep the writer on track with what you need and help you maximize your return on investment.

Define the Need

For as many personalities as most writers seem to have, we really aren’t mind readers – though many will try to convince you they are. When you hire a writer and say you need business content, you are not helping the writer to find your voice and develop your brand. So… even if you don’t know what you need to be written, you do know what your customers’ needs are. After all, you’ve been providing them expert and professional service for a while.

Take the time to jot notes down about how you serve your clients. Writers aren’t always experts in your industry and they don’t need to be. What they do need to be able to do is extract the emotional desire your clients have about your products and services. A CPR instructor sells instruction on how to save lives in first aid and emergency situations. What he really sells is alleviating a parent’s fear that she can’t help her choking child.

You will help the writer fulfill the prospect’s needs by sharing not just what you do, but why you do it. If you have ever done demographics for market research, give this to your writer. This helps them create a client¬†avatar (fancy word for ideal target buyer). Find the top competitors in your area that you want to beat and give the writer links to their websites or copies of their ads. Tell the writer what you like and don’t like. This helps the writer identify what makes you different in the market.

Speaking of different – if you do have something completely unique, this is the time to explain it to the writer. Having 20 years of experience is great but it isn’t enough to make anyone stand out in most markets.

Set Realistic Time Frames

Professional writers are usually pretty good typists and can create content quickly once they have everything they need. With that said, good quality writing takes time. Just because someone can type 90 words per minute doesn’t mean you can have a 1,000-word blog created in a couple of hours. Writers take the time to dig into the topic, create outlines, look for interesting associations and build the voice and tone.

When you ask a writer where most of the work is really done, it is usually when they are walking the dog, taking a shower or coaching their kid’s soccer practice. Why? Because quality writers need real life to help make the writing real and identifiable to the audience. This is why most writers charge by the word or by the project. I don’t mind telling clients I had the big idea come to me while at the dentist but most don’t really feel like they should pay me for that time.

The point is that you are buying a product when you hire a writer – the content. There is a process that has to happen for that product to be great. A lot of it is a mental assembly line with real-life interactions, extensive research and client input on needs that meld together for a final product. Expect to give your writer enough time to put the product together properly.

Be Prepared to Provide Feedback

You’re running a business and that takes time and energy. And while you are probably very excited to read the content draft sent to you by your writer, sometimes life gets a little overwhelming. Make sure you are prepared to take the time to read and respond to your writer. It doesn’t need to be immediately, but you should be committed to the project when you commit to the writer.

If you aren’t getting what you feel you should be getting from a writer, you might not be ready to hire one. This is why our intake process is a little more detailed than most SEO content providers. By forcing you to think about and complete the intake form, we know we’re going to be able to produce the best content for your needs in the most efficient manner.

Content creation requires project management. Set the time to work with the writer or writing team to make sure your content is on target and on time to help you generate the business rewards the content was intended for in the first place.

If you aren’t sure if you are ready to hire and manage a writer, reach out to us. We’ll not only help you prepare, you can help manage the whole process for you so all you need to do is enjoy the great content and client feedback.

The Plug for Yours Truly: The Content Gal

It has to happen on occasion. You know that moment where we unabashedly tell you how we can help you achieve your goals. After all, if we don’t tell you we’re the best for your company, our competitors will tell you they are.

At some point every company needs to toot its own horn, so the saying goes. This is our TOOT. In fact, we’ll even TOOT TOOT.

You need a writer who understands business and marketing and is able to weave specific business goals into engaging stories. We’re here to help!

Here’s the thing, it’s part of any good content strategy to give prospects value. We do that in a lot of ways. But then you need to remind prospects that you are great at what you do too. After all, we can’t continue to give all the added value if we don’t have the revenues to stay in business.

This is the exact same approach you should be doing with your business content. It’s the approach we will take to help you TRIPLE TOOT your horn, get more clients and be able to provide more value to your community in the process.

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